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What Will The Economy and Housing Look Like In This Year?

By the account of many top economists 2011 will be a “painful” economic year. There are a number of indicators that point to 2011 as a frustrating transition year much like 2010. In the quarterly AP Economy Survey completed October 22 Associated Press polled 43 leading economists on the broader economy, jobs outlook, and expected […]

Pointing Out On Miami Luxury Real Estate Market

I told my friend that Miami’s number isn’t that bad when it comes to Luxury real estate the waterfront properties are stable although he did point out that many wealthy people are discounting their mansions with cutbacks he said that he knows a famous celebrity who decreases almost 14% on the price of the property […]

Luxurious Actual Estate Expense Opportunities

Luxurious real estate investment opportunities abound for people who know where you should look. In regards to finding the very best luxury life domiciles available in the market, there are several options to select from, as well as numerous areas to consider. It is just a buyer’s market when it comes to these kinds of […]