Are you looking for a bit of excitement in your life? Some people like to take risks on a regular basis so that they can add more spice to their daily lives. The problem with this approach is that as your life gets more colorful, you are also living dangerously Kameymall. Why risk your life when you can add excitement without the element of risk?

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Perhaps you haven’t heard but there is a new experience in town called air sphereing. What exactly is air sphereing? Sphereing is when you put a human being in a hamster ball and you let the ball roll down the hill. This is a very fun and interesting thing to do. You often see this in game shows, and whoever is in the hamster ball, comes out giddy, confused, and obviously very happy.

Ever heard of Airkix? Airkix adds a new dimension to the F1 wind tunnel. The technology has been used to simulate free fall activities such as sky diving. When you are in such a facility, you get pushed with a force of about 120mph upwards, thus rendering you weightless. You can now enjoy all the thrills and excitement of free falling just by being a few meters off the ground.

Then someone combined the idea of sphereing with Airkix’s technology. First, a human being is placed into a large hamster ball. But the ball, instead of rolling down the hill, is placed into an Airkix facility. When the power is on, the ball floats into the air with the human being in it. From the outside, it looks as if there is a giant floating balloon in the facility. Except that this balloon looks a little bit different – it has a human being in it. To children, it’s very much like a magic show.

This is a very new and interesting experience. It is a completely different experience, compared to free fall or just being in a hamster ball and rolling down the hill When you are experiencing free fall, you are not protected. You are merely floating a few meters above ground, and you can feel the flow of air that is surrounding you. When you are in a hamster ball and rolling down the hill, you hardly feel anything! Except maybe your entire world is tumbling all around you. But this happens from the outside.

But when you are in a hamster ball, and the ball is in a free fall facility, you don’t actually get to experience the air that is pushing you upwards. Rather, the environment appears to be rather safe, since you are protected by the hamster ball. But because you are in the hamster ball, there is no way you can control your own movements. The ball may float upwards, downwards, or be spun around. And it doesn’t care what you think. Regardless of how it moves, you move with it!