The great success of the book Inferno was helped by the great popularity of Dan Brown. The famous author is not a stranger to the literary success, as he has already written many other famous books as “Da Vinci Code”, one of the most widely read novels in absolute, and other worldwide famous bestsellers as “The Lost Symbol”, “Angels and Demons,” “Deception Point” and “Crypto”.

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Director Ron Howard chose the big monuments and the most secret places in Florence to set the plot of his movie Inferno. The plot of the film takes place in the locations of equipment Dante where the characters are looking for a solution to an intriguing mystery: the fate of all mankind depends on this mystery. It is not the first time that Florence has been chosen to be the place setting of stories full of mystery and of great interest. It is particularly suited role to this famous city for its great history and the many monuments and historical sites that are here still today. This places are visible and usable thanks to the care of the Florentines that have preserved them over the centuries.

Mifares have typically two parts, an antenna for sending and receiving information (in form of signals) and an integrated circuit (IC) that processes and stores information. The IC contains a memory that is divided into segments and blocks with security mechanisms for access control. A user is required to show the Mifare tag near the Mifare reader, a distance not longer than 10 cm. A connection is established between the card and the reader, then the card sends a code that identifies the type of card selected. The communication between the card and the reader is highly secured through encryption.

Starting from the moment he gets down on his knees and asks you to be his partner for life; for better and for worse, in sickness and in health, and what not, tying the knot with your loved one is a beautiful journey all along. On d-day, the biggest, most important elements are the wedding rings, besides of course, the bride and the groom. Couples spend a whole lot of money on getting the most gorgeous rings for their other halves. And hey, what better than having something to take you back to the day every time you look at it? The creative ones of the lot know that engraved rings can add to the experience and be an everlasting emblem of their never-ending love and commitment. Contrary to the common misconception, engravings do not necessarily have to be restricted to being those of names. They can be of numerous things; phrases, expressions, dates or anything the two of you hold dear or special to your relationship.

I am providing you with plenty of ideas for your engraving venture. The ever so beautiful custom of inscribing romantic poetry onto wedding rings began in the courts of medieval Europe, and since these rings are more than just rings, the tradition goes on. Wedding rings can have some of the very optimistic etchings, all referring to love, trust, faith, promises, fidelity and adoration we shower on one’s chosen marriage partner. Here are some of our favorite picks for your wedding ring etchings: