I ran across an article on Shine Yahoo discussing 7 healthy habits and the number of years each one could extend your life. First came the exercise recommendations to walk 30 minutes a day to add 2.2 years, get up and move to add 5.6 years and to train with weights to add 1.8 years. Then came the sleep recommendation in order to add 3 years, followed by the self care recommendation to floss in which can add as many as 5 years.

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The habit that interested me most was ‘flossing’. I floss daily but believe that inter-dental brushes are more effective but don’t use as often as I should. After reading the article I was instantly motivated to restore my regimen of using inter-dental brushes religiously Royal creme juul pods. I don’t believe that these habits determine how long anyone will live but the knowledge can help alert you to habits that are detrimental to your longevity, like smoking for instance, you can add 12 years to your life just by quitting and eating healthy could add 16 years.

This article motivated me to maintain my oral care regimen but that wasn’t the best part. After pulling out my tooth care kit filled with floss, inter-dental brushes, tongue cleaner, baking soda, gum wash, mouth wash, salt wash, products I may combine in 3 steps or 5 steps routines on different days, I was motivated to get back on my idea of total oral hygiene. This motivation expanded to include my fitness routine that I had grown tired of, but still continued to do every two or three days. Somehow a revival in one area led to a renewal in my fitness commitment.

This is not the first time this has happened. I have had it the other way around, whereby my commitment to fitness motivated me to start healthier habits in all other areas. Since starting my  years ago, being slender became a lesser goal, while becoming healthier all round became the ultimate objective. I am not expecting you to be a clean freak or to be excessively concerned with health but I hope that you consider improving, if only in small ways, day by day because of so many health benefits of doing so.

Apart from lower stress, and improved energy there is a side of self care that is not talked about too much and that is self love and self esteem. Caring for oneself through the healthiest foods, clean spaces, fresh air, clean water, sunlight, exercise and personal cleansing, are all acts of love, self love. Taking time, to care for your teeth, gums, fingernails, and all the other parts of your body are not activities to rush through. Sometimes, these are the only times I get to spend alone and think. I remember once trying ‘oil pulling detox’ remedy, which is performed for 20 minutes and I remember that I got more out of those 20 minutes, just thinking, breathing and relaxing during those minutes. Adopt a new habit today and pretty soon, you will want to indulge in it everyday, for your self, your life, and health.

Weight loss or physical beauty could never motivate me over the long term to maintain my health regime, it is only self care and love that has always pushed me to stick with my good habits and it is self care that gets me back on the horse if I fall off. Don’t make weight loss your ultimate goal, if you want long term healthy habits to be apart of your life, make sure that the intention behind each new habit is rooted in self love.

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