Asia has its country where most of their citizens are game enthusiasts, from online games to offline games. It can even be seen that many of our close people are game addicts and without them realizing that online games waste money and their finances.

There, so many online games which are popular games for the masses today. Among them are PUBG, Mobile Legend, and many online games that do have their own fans. Of course, games have positive and negative impacts, each of which can be obtained if you are addicted to playing games.

Turns out it’s not just playing games that’s addictive. Many students are also addicted to playing gambling such as poker gambling, cockfighting,  dominoqq online and many more. The negative impact caused by playing online games and gambling is actually the same where gambling and online games waste money.

How Online Games Waste Your Money

Of course, an online game is a game or a game where one person can play with many people and even everyone in this part of the world dominoqq terpercaya . As is known, the game platform provides a battle that finds all players from around the world to be able to fight each other to become the greatest or number 1.

Of course, in addition to having the skill or ability to be number 1 in a game, capital is also needed to be able to improve the characters that we use in the game.

This is actually what makes online games waste money, because where the money is only used in vain just to improve the characters in a game, which of course is of no use at all. Even if the players of this game are students, which is where the money can actually be used for something more valuable.

They should use their money to buy books, helping parents to pay for school. And of course, in addition to material harm or money that is used in vain, games also make people or players, especially students, experience the time they have. Where the real task of students is to learn and the available time should be used to learn to increase their knowledge, not just playing online games.


As explained above, online games themselves have a negative impact and one of them is that online games waste money. Therefore, it’s good for you online game addicts, it doesn’t hurt to stop playing or get addicted to playing online games.

For students this can be detrimental them in the future. Where if students have entered the world of work, of course, work competition is even tougher than school, where each individual is required to have skills or abilities in order to be able to compete in finding decent jobs.

And for those who are not used to it or have not tried playing online games, don’t ever play online games. Because as it is already known that online games are like an addiction which makes someone who plays this online game can be crazy about this game.

It will be difficult to stop if you have entered the world of this online game, especially if someone has used the money to improve the character of the game, which is the effect of online games waste money. As we know, the characters of a game have no limit. Where the game will continue to update which causes even better characters to appear in the future so that it drains the players’ money.