If you did well on your Step 1 exam, then you absolutely must do well on your USMLE Step 2 CK exam in order to ensure the residency programs you are going to apply to that your first score was not simply a fluke ISACA CISM . In addition, if you didn’t score too well on your USMLE Step 1 exam, you can significantly increases your chances of success by doing very well on your CK exam.

Now the problem arises when you realize that the free time you have to study for the CK exam is much less than you had for the Step 1 exam, so how exactly are you supposed to do as well or better on the Step 2 CK exam when you are busy with your rotations and too exhausted to even think about studying for the Step 2?

Below I’ve listed five fantastic tips that I was given a few years ago during my second year of medical school by a professor who recognized that time-management and taking advantage of every spare second was necessary in order to get a good CK score and essentially guarantee a spot in any top residency program of our choice. Here are the five top tips that I learned throughout my preparation that helped me get a great score on my Step 2 CK exam:

Study guides are designed to tackle the highest yield information, but often may lack some essential information. Always carry a study guide along with you during rounds and take notes as if you were in class. This will not only help you create a great set of complete notes to help you study, but your attendings will surely take notice of your extra effort and this will in-turn improve your grade, a guarantee on that!