Do you know what to do to make Magic Love Spells work more effectively? I guess no. Most people, who are fed up of Magic Love Spells and think they don’t work, don’t know how to properly cast spells. Casting Magic Love Spells isn’t that easy. Most people are of the opinion that Magic Love Spells involve burning of candles, reading out incantations and then bingo!

The magic will start happening!

If that were indeed the case, then every single person would be practicing magic spells and achieving all those things they desired in life. And the truth of free will would have been thrown out of the window.

To make Magic Love Spells work effectively, you have to put in a lot of hard work, dedication and devotion. You have got to put in 100% effort on your part and place your faith in powerful voodoo spells the power of the spells to make them work. You have got to believe that you can work magic and you should feel very strongly while chanting the incantations. It is much like the law of attraction put into practical action with the help of rites and rituals.

And the last thing required to make the Magic Love Spells work is patience – lots of patience. Magic Love Spells aren’t like instant noodles – they take time to show results, often the magic may take years to manifest. And you cannot give up so soon.

Now let me give you some effective Magic Love Spells. The following love spell has been in use throughout the ages.

You have to get hold of a lock of hair from your lover’s head. Now grab some cloth or outfit your lover regularly wears and burn it down to ashes. Now mix the lock of hair with the ashes. Now obtain a handful of heartsease or Johnny jump ups and wrap them up in 1 white handkerchief. On the new moon, you should bury this handkerchief beneath your porch.

This love spell will ensure that your beloved remains true to you, but it comes with a catch. He will remain faithful to you only for a month. If you are aspiring for long term fidelity and you are married, you should share with your husband the leaves of a periwinkle bush. Or you may plant marigold saplings on the soil on which your beloved walks or has walked. This will make him remain faithful to you for the rest of your life.

When you are suffering from insecurity in your love relationship, you should tie 3 laurel leaves underneath your bed at the very bottom. This will cure your lover’s roving eyes and ensure that he dates only you and no one else.