Online shopping has become very popular and is gaining more acceptance every day. In the U.S., online shopping has become a $68 billion industry. Online shopping is a convenient type of electronic commerce that enables consumers to order products or services directly from a vendor via a computer or a cell phone app. This allows the consumer not only to have a wide selection of products to choose from, but also allows the consumer to make purchases from the convenience of their own home

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There are thousands of stores available for consumers to browse through online. The challenge for those in the retail business is how to provide a great customer shopping experience and entice new customers to become repeat customers. There are a few top online shopping websites that rank well on the overall consumer experience scale.

First, checkout. Nothing can ruin an online shopping store quicker than poor checkout processes. Checkout should never take more than a couple of minutes if it must do with customer data. Poorly implemented checkout systems often lead customers to click away from an online store, instead of completing the transaction.

Second, customer service. After all, nothing frustrates or dissuades a customer faster than having to wait for long periods of time for a response or assistance. When a customer is considering making a purchase online, she wants to know that she will receive timely assistance, as well as an appropriate shipping date. Many online shopping sites offer quick responses to questions or concerns by providing online contact information. In addition, if a customer experiences difficulty obtaining a refund, she should be able to obtain assistance from a live customer service representative.

Third, ease of navigation. An online store’s design is only as good as its content, and the same goes for its checkout and customer service departments. Ideally, a website’s pages should be logical, clean, and navigational. The checkout process, in particular, should be painless. The best online shopping websites make it easy to shop by adding checkboxes or drop-downs to the various selections on the shopping site.

Fourth, security and privacy policies. An online marketplace should honor privacy policies meant to protect the financial and personal information of its customers. In addition, the best online shopping sites have developed security systems that will block purchases from websites known to host malware.

Fifth, ease of use. An online shopping website’s checkout process should be simple to use. When a shopper is directed to the payment section after making a selection, she should not be required to key in credit card information, enter a shipping and billing address, or submit other forms of payment. The best online shopping websites take into account that shoppers do not always have the time or patience to fully understand all that is being presented to them.

By following the above steps, you will be able to find the best online shopping stores, and most likely will end up using their services more than once. Once you find an online store that fits all of your criteria, take the time to give them a try. You will surely be glad that you did. Remember, when it comes to e-commerce, convenience should be your watchword.

You may also want to consider an online shopping website’s privacy policy, its terms of use, and its payment options. Make sure that the online store has not been blacklisted by the Better Business Bureau. Check for user reviews and testimonials about the online shopping website. If the company has a good reputation, you can be sure that you will be safe on the Internet. If there are problems with the online store, the safest course of action is to find another vendor.

Finally, make sure that the online shopping website provides you with the best online shopping cart software. Most stores offer free shopping cart software when you sign up for a subscription. This software will help you create a virtual cart so that you can easily purchase products or items from your favorite stores, and you do not need to go through the hassles of dealing with cash or checks. If the software is free but the shopping cart is charged, opt for the free shopping cart software. It might cost you a few dollars, but you will be able to enjoy more features than what you are likely to find with the paid version of the shopping cart software.

These are some of the things that you should consider when you are looking for an online e-commerce shopping website. You should opt for one that has all these qualities and which also offers secure payment and delivery. It would be a pity to spend money and time on an e-commerce website only to discover that it is not safe to transact business on. Choose a shopping cart software that is trustworthy and effective, and which will enable you to make the most out of your e-business.