Many business owners remains skeptical on new marketing technologies until they see their competitors utilizing it. However, almost all restaurants that utilize custom mobile apps 交友平台, not only see an increase in business, but in customer loyalty as well.

Before purchasing a mobile app, ask yourself these 5 questions:

Do I need to expand my business’ reach?
When it comes to marketing your business, it’s all about customer reach and smartphones are quickly becoming an integral element in customer planning 交友app開場白. The smartphone is quickly on its way to becoming the next big technology craze in America with an estimated 35% of US adults now owning a smartphone.

Do I need a more engaged customer base?
These devices can also be used as a popular and easy doorway for customers to quickly connect with a business or learn more about it. Restaurants in particular are joining in on this new exciting marketing strategy in order to build their customer base and attract more visitors 識女朋友. With potentially endless ways to connect and engage mobile users, mobile apps for iPhone and Android platforms are effectively changing the way businesses market their services.

Will owning a mobile app take up a lot of my time?
No, owning a custom mobile app should be easy and should not require any computer experience. The app developer you find should supply business owners with a friendly, simply and quick way of branding your restaurant or business through access to a web based back-end interface.

Will owning a mobile app be more cost effective to me than other marketing modes?
Yes! With the cost of placing an ad in your weekly newspaper or local magazine, you could purchase a customizable app for your business and begin marketing straight to your customer base right away. Text message are opened at extremely high rates of over 95% compared to 10%-20% via the conventional email method. AppSuite, LLC provides the best pricing options for business owners interested in purchasing their own customized smartphone app. The cost of an app with them is less than the price of one dinner per month.

Will ROI exceed the total cost of a smartphone app?
This tends to be one of the most commonly asked question from business owners before purchasing a mobile app. Unlike traditional forms, mobile app marketing keeps you up-to-date on analytics of your app users while also allowing for customer feedback. Many features offered by a reputable mobile app developer allow for increased customer engagement which facilitates a better overall experience and more return visits.

AppSuite is a leading provider of iPhone and Android application development for the Food and Beverage industry. AppSuite develops low-cost restaurant apps for fine dining restaurants, casual restaurants, coffee shops, bars and clubs. AppSuite’s restaurant app and content management system (CMS) allows restaurateurs to rapidly deploy an iPhone or an Android App without the high cost of developing their own app. It requires no special skills or software. CMS platform allows the restaurateur to conveniently build, brand and expand their business to the growing population of mobile users.