We all spend so much of our time on our smart phones these days, emails, music, social media, checking out all the cool apps and games available 交友app騙案. You may not be aware there are so many apps out there that can actually help you when disaster strikes and could possibly even save your life! These apps can prove vital as part of your emergency preparedness kit.

I’ve researched quite a few apps and here are five of the best I’ve found for emergency preparedness that might save a life during times when tsunamis, earthquakes, storms 正經交友app, wildfire or other sorts of calamities strike without warning.

1. iSOS!- GPS emergency locator

This app allows users to send SOS to alert close friends or relatives or an emergency contact with just a single gesture. It has very useful information regarding emergency services that help users get the assistance they require in good time.

If a person is lost, kidnapped, had a heart attack or had a car crash, they can use the ISOS! In whatever emergency situation they find themselves in this emergency locator application for smartphones allows users to report to a medical service, to the police, a family member or even firemen and friends 搵女朋友. With it, it is possible to send emails, and SMS as well with the user’s personal pre-configured data; name, ID, age and mobile number, together with a link to the map with their GPS position. It is also important to keep this personal information up to date once you’ve installed the app.

2. Smart-ICE4Family

This is the first app that will actually talk for you, when you literally are unable to do so yourself! You can pre record a voice message, which contains critical information that the authorities need to know in order to assist in the shortest time possible. This message automatically plays when the app is opened. In the case of an emergency, this is a great app to have on your phone as part of your emergency preparedness strategy.

What you need to do is load all of your personal information into the app – things like height and weight, eye and hair color, medical problems, allergies and even your religious preferences.

What the Smart-ICE4Family app does is that, in the event you are found unconscious, the app provides information on who to contact. The Smart-ICE app allows the owner to record a voice message with the most critical information that can be heard when the PLAY button is pressed. The information is usually displayed in the app and can be accessed easily for the rescuer’s convenience.

3. Pocket First Aid and CPR

What a great app this is! It has been made in conjunction with the American Heart Association (AHA) and reflects the association’s guidelines on CPR and emergency cardiovascular care. The latest update of the app consists of 46 high resolution illustrations and 34 useful videos and reorganized content that is easier to find emergency information. It has a nice user interface that is easier to navigate through and is an aesthetically pleasing application.

The Pocket First Aid and CPR from AHA once helped save a life in Haiti. With this emergency app, users can easily store, share and access their insurance, allergies, doctors and other relevant medical information.

4. Text Plus

Communication is very crucial during an emergency! People would want to ensure that all the members of their family are safe. The Text Plus app can help in all kinds of scenarios. It allows users to communicate with their friends or family members through texts. The best thing about this app is that you can use it to set up groups to keep loved ones up-to-date in emergency situations. With this app, you can turn your tablet into a phone and call or SMS on tablets, phones or WiFi devices.