These days most people prefer to rent a vehicle when they are going on vacation instead of driving their own vehicle. They have come to realize that the rented vehicles are proving to be far more convenient even for local travel around the city, and also that it is actually working out to be more cost effective to rent a car or limo or bus, van, anything when you need to hit the road.

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If you are living in a well spread out, big city where traffic congestion and distances are main worries, and you have a big vehicle like SUV or something, it makes better sense to rent a smaller car to move around, especially if you are out on a business. Instead of maneuvering through traffic and contemplating which shortest routes to take to reach your destination safe and in time, its better you concentrate on the business you are going for and leave the traffic and route related worries to the chauffeur of the rented car exotic rentals miami.

Also, when traveling around town on business it can be very costly if you’re driving a larger vehicle. By utilizing a rented vehicle you will find that you can save quite a bit of money on fuel. You also save yourself from parking worries.

Another important factor to be considered while you drive your own vehicle through traffic jams is that the wear and tear on your own vehicle can add up to quite a lot regardless of whether you’re driving around on business or pleasure, big or small distance. Driving even a few hundred miles in your own vehicle can add up to costly repair bills.

On the other hand if you drive a leased vehicle, you just have to worry about the per kilometer cost and not worry about getting a scratch on your car that is likely to bring you a repair bill worth a few hundreds if not thousands. It is very important that you consider the cost of using your own large or luxury vehicle as compared to the costs of renting a low end vehicle, maintenance of which is not your problem.

Let us also not forget that car repairs can be unexpected and if your vehicle breaks down you’ll want to make sure that you have a way to get back and forth to work in time, besides repairing the vehicle, and more importantly incurring the cost. Plus while your vehicle is being repaired you are stuck, time is wasted, you are late for the meeting and so on…

Instead, if you hire a vehicle and it breaks down, it is car rental companies’ responsibility that the car is repaired and replaced immediately so that your time is not wasted.

It is my personal opinion that it is a better idea to use rented vehicle, especially if you are out on an important business. If you have hired a vehicle you can forget everything else.