The Sober House Directory was launched in mid-2021 with a plan to bring a nationwide directory over the entire United States, compiling all the sober house listings in every state across the country. This will make the search for a suitable property much easier, as you can simply use your home search tool to find a listing in your own state. As a bonus for the users, there’s also a guest house directory included in the program. If you’re a stay-cationer who loves to visit a few states over the course of a year, you can even earn points towards your discount lodge package with this program.

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The Sober House Directory features listings for more than just residential properties. There are listings for condos, duplexes, rental units and mobile homes, among others. Even if you’re an avid skier and snowboarder, you may find the listings of RV parks, cabin rentals and ski condos helpful. Whether you’re in recovery or not, there is always something to do in a town with a warm climate Halfway house near me.

What sets the Sober House Directory apart from other recovery websites is that they also include many hotel listings. The listings cover both luxury hotels and budget motels in various cities around the country. With so many options to choose from, there’s no question about finding the perfect place to stay. If you’re just starting your recovery journey or need to go on an extended vacation, the listings offer accommodations for anywhere from $100 to thousands of dollars per week. Even the cheapest rooms are adequate for a solid recovery experience. Families will appreciate the availability of both child and adult friendly accommodations.

The program also features a list of special resources for those who plan on visiting a particular city. If you’re headed to Las Vegas or another recovery community, you’ll have access to specific events and programs to suit your needs. The same holds true if you’re headed to a beach destination. A few cities, like Miami, have so much to offer that they already feature some of the finest sober living accommodations around. Others have all the amenities you could possibly need, but are a bit off the beaten path. That means you may have to travel a bit to find the right experience.

With over two hundred and fifty pages of recovery homes, campgrounds, and other information, the Sober House Directory is one of the most comprehensive resources on the internet. Whether you want to explore national chains or local small businesses, you’re bound to find everything you need in this comprehensive guide. Whether you want a beach vacation, a cabin rental, or a small city living options, you’re sure to find it here. You can even save a trip to Las Vegas to come along for the ride.

The listings include full information on both the physical location of a house. Some listings even include photos, descriptions, videos, or both! You can find listings for cities or regions worldwide, which means you’ll be able to find what you’re looking for no matter where you are. Even if you aren’t near the water, you can easily find a beautiful cabin or house on a remote island.

The listings include contact information, including how long a phone number can be reached. You can also find out about local laws and regulations. Many listings include links to the nearest emergency medical station or fire station, as well as police stations. And many listings include miles of beaches, mountains, trails, and other attractions that will help you get over your addiction.

The listings even include escrow information, which allows you to plan your trip ahead of time. To make finding the perfect home so much easier, the Sober House Directory also includes online listings. You can choose from hundreds of available homes, many with great views. The best part about searching online is that you don’t have to do all the work. Instead of going from town to town in order to look at a house, you can search through an online listings site in the comfort of your own home, taking only a few minutes.